we help uncover

financial resources

for people with cancer

Everyone deserves equal access to the care and treatment necessary to achieve the best health outcomes.

Many new cancer treatments have been launched in recent years: An increasing number of treatment options raises hope.
Rising costs of care and higher out of pocket expenses are a central concern for patients with cancer and their caregivers at all income levels: Financial burden on patients can result in long-term debt or bankruptcy.

Financial barriers should not prevent people with cancer from getting the treatment they need urgently.

how we help

Calliopy empowers anyone coping with high costs of cancer medicine to minimize medical debt, thereby avoiding finance-related distress and preventing devastating financial consequences of cancer care.
Programs are available to alleviate the burden of cost sharing (“co-pay” or “out-of-pocket payments”) associated with cancer management costs. However, they are often invisible to those who would benefit the most, so end up grossly underutilized.
Calliopy has the largest and most up-to-date database of programs. Calliopy identifies financial award opportunities for people with cancer. The most common award categories* include Copay cards, Copay Foundations, and Patient Assistance Programs.

*Awards are offered by a variety of sponsors. Calliopy does not provide awards.

When financial barriers are removed and finance-related distress is avoided, people with cancer are better able to focus on treatment adherence and achieve best possible outcomes.

tailored solutions

Calliopy’s solutions reduce the time and effort to pursue financial awards so people with cancer can focus on what's important to them and the care team can focus on patient care.
predict eligibility
Immediately predicts eligibility for award categories based on answers to a brief set of questions.
award matching
An instant, comprehensive search reveals specific award opportunities matched to each situation. A Personalized Award List helps to stay organized and improve access to awards. Fact sheets and award program applications are included.
expert coaching
Professional guidance in the application process that eliminates worry and reduces energy needed to pursue resources.

who we serve

Calliopy serves people with cancer, their caregivers and care teams. We provide solutions for all people who are facing care and treatment decisions.

our mission

Our mission is to eliminate unnecessary medical debt and financial stress so people with cancer can focus on their health.

our values

At Calliopy we maintain deeply-held values and monitor a strict code of ethics throughout the organization. We live our values daily:


Nothing is more important than the perspective, privacy, and concerns of each person we serve


Removing financial barriers is a critical access equalizer


Transparent knowledge sharing facilitates efficient resolution and benefits everyone


Obstacles encountered will be addressed with equal vigor and committment for each person we serve

our team

Laura Chavaree


Laura Chavaree founded Calliopy to put information about financial resources in the hands of those who need it most - people with cancer. Prior to founding Calliopy, Laura was a Director at Genentech who designed and led their portfolio of patient services and managed their BioOncology Brand. Throughout her more than 20 years in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space, she has used her expertise to navigate the complex health care system. Nothing gets her more riled up than hearing about the disparate experiences of people facing illness, and the antiquated systems that exacerbate the problems. Laura practiced as a hospital social worker after obtaining her MSW from the University of California at Los Angeles.
Cyrena Valladares


As a founding member, Cyrena blends her deep oncology commercial experience with her passion for efficiently removing barriers to help people gain access to needed treatments. She applies her experiences working in Genentech BioOncology and Reimbursement & Patient Assistance Programs, and designing a cancer clinical app to ensure relevance and usability of Calliopy's technology. Cyrena holds a BS in Microbiology from Cornell University, and an MBA from Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University.
Kevin Knopf


Kevin Knopf MD, MPH is a practicing oncologist for Sutter Health in San Francisco as well as a Health Economist and Health Services researcher. He is an editor at Value Based Cancer Care and an expert on health economics and outcomes research. He investigates patterns and quality of care, decision analysis, health systems analysis, “big data” in cancer care, and analytic techniques. Dr. Knopf has clinical faculty positions at Dartmouth Medical School and the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine; and was formerly adjunct faculty at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center. He received an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine. He completed his clinical training at Northwestern Medical School, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and the National Cancer Institute. He obtained an MPH in Epidemiology and Statistics at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

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